Battle of the Budgets: Swift vs. Stonic

Muhammad Abdullah

Battle of the Budgets: Swift vs. Stonic

The car marketplace in Pakistan has been buzzing with exhilaration lately, thanks to some tremendous fee modifications. Two popular contenders that have caught the eye of automobile fans are the Suzuki Swift Vs. Stonic. In this head-to-head warfare, we’ll dissect these two vehicles and assist in making a decision about which one merits a niche for your garage.

Design and Styling

Suzuki Swift

  • The Swift has a compact and sporty design.
  • Its curvy lines and bold front grille give it a youthful appeal.
  • The rear spoiler adds a touch of aggression.

KIA Stonic

  • The Stonic, however, is a compact crossover.
  • It boasts a more rugged and muscular look.
  • Roof rails and black cladding enhance its adventurous vibe.
FeaturesKIA StonicSuzuki Swift
DesignRugged and muscular, Roof rails, black claddingCompact and sporty, Curvy lines, bold front grille
Front FasciaStonic’s aggressive tiger-nose grilleDistinctive Swift face with a smile
Side ProfileStonic’s raised stance and body claddingSwift’s sleek silhouette
Rear ViewStonic’s robust bumper and LED taillightsSwift’s spoiler adds a touch of sportiness
Fog LampsYesYes
Parking SensersYes (on the back)Yes (on the back)
Rear WiperYesYes
If you want a zippy city car, go for the Swift. For those craving an SUV-like stance, the Stonic wins between Swift vs. Stonic.
Swift Savings: Suzuki Drops Prices by Rs. 710,000 , Battle of the Budgets: Swift vs. Stonic

Interior Comfort and Features

Suzuki Swift

  • The Swift’s cabin is straightforward and functional.
  • Fabric seats, a simple dashboard, and a user-pleasant infotainment system.
  • It’s a no-nonsense setup for daily commuting.

KIA Stonic

  • The Stonic’s interior feels more premium.
  • Leather-wrapped steering, touchscreen infotainment, and better materials.
  • The rear legroom is decent, making it suitable for longer drives.
FeaturesKIA StonicSuzuki Swift
CabinPremium feel, better materials, Leather-wrapped steering, touchscreen infotainmentFunctional and straightforward, Fabric seats, simple dashboard
InfotainmentStonic’s larger touchscreen with modern features 8″Swift’s basic system gets the job done 9″
Storage SpaceStonic’s additional cargo room and practicalitySwift’s compact interior limits storage
Rear LegroomComfortable for longer drivesDecent
ACDigital 2-zone climate controlDigital 2-zone climate control
Rear PoweroutlatYesNo
Push StartYesNo
Speakers6 speakers4 speakers
Stonic offers a more upscale experience, but Swift keeps things practical.
KIA Stonic Price In Pakistan , Battle of the Budgets: Swift vs. Stonic

Performance and Handling

Suzuki Swift

  • The Swift is nimble and fun to drive.
  • Its 1.2L engine delivers decent power for city maneuvers.
  • Light steering makes parking a breeze.
  • The Suzuki Swift gave you an 11–13 KM/L fuel average.

KIA Stonic

  • The Stonic’s 1.4L engine provides better highway performance.
  • It feels stable and confident on the road.
  • Steering feedback is good, but it’s not as agile as Swift.
  • KIA Stonic gave you a 9–11 KM/L fuel average.

Safety Features

Suzuki Swift

  • Dual airbags and ABS are standard.
  • Swift comes with 6 airbags.
  • There are no additional advanced safety features.

KIA Stonic

Stonic offers more safety tech:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC): Keeps you constant during surprising maneuvers.
  • Stonic also contains 6 airbags.
  • Hill Start Assist: Prevents rolling lower back on inclines.
  • Rear Parking Sensors: Handy for tight spots.

Price Comparison

  • The KIA Stonic EX+ is available for Rs. 4,767,000, after a 15 lakh decrease in price.
  • The Suzuki Swift GLX CVT is available at Rs. 4,719,000, in the Pakistani market.


In the battle of Suzuki Swift vs. Stonic, both have their strengths. Choose the Swift for city agility and budget-friendliness. Opt for the Stonic if you want a more upscale feel and additional safety features. Happy car hunting!

FAQs About Swift Vs. Stonic

Which vehicle is extra fuel-green?

The Suzuki Swift tends to be more gasoline-efficient due to its smaller engine size and lightweight design. It’s a superb preference for town driving, wherein gas economic system subjects.

Does the KIA Stonic have better cargo space?

Yes, the KIA Stonic offers more cargo space compared to the Swift. If you need to carry larger items or travel with family, the Stonic’s extra room comes in handy.

Are both cars easy to park?

Both cars are relatively easy to park. The Swift’s compact size makes it a breeze in tight spots, while the Stonic’s higher driving position provides good visibility.

Which one has a better resale value?

Historically, the Suzuki Swift has maintained better resale value in Pakistan. However, the Stonic’s popularity is growing, so it’s worth considering both factors.

What about maintenance costs?

Generally, Suzuki vehicles have lower maintenance costs due to their widespread service network. KIA’s service centers are improving, but Swift still has an edge.

Which vehicle has better assurance?

The KIA Stonic offers a longer warranty length (commonly 4-5 years) compared to the Swift (commonly 2-3 years). Consider this when making your decision.

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