The Yaris Facelift: Is It Worth the Extra Bucks?

Muhammad Abdullah

Yaris Facelift

The Toyota Yaris has been a popular desire amongst compact automobile lovers for years, thanks to its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability. When Toyota decided to offer the Yaris facelift, it sparked masses of interest amongst potential consumers and vehicle enthusiasts. Understanding the price versions of the pre-and post-facelift Toyota Yaris is vital for absolutely everyone considering shopping for this vehicle, whether it is new or used.

History of Toyota Yaris

The first Toyota Yaris came out in the 1990s as a substitute for the Toyota Starlet. It has a reputation for being practical and within your budget preference inside the subcompact vehicle section. Over the years, the Yaris has seen diverse updates and redesigns, each geared toward retaining the model aggressively and appealing to an extensive variety of drivers. The most recent facelift aimed to modernize the car and enhance its general appeal.

What is a Facelift in Car Models?

A facelift in vehicle fashion refers to a series of updates and changes made to a car partway through its production cycle. These modifications are generally beautiful, but they can also encompass mechanical and technological enhancements. The purpose of a facelift is to refresh the model and make it extra aggressive without the need for an entire remodel.

The Pre-Facelift Toyota Yaris

The pre-facelift Toyota Yaris had an awesome design that changed into something realistic and aesthetically captivating. It got here with quite several features that catered to its purpose market, which encompass a dependable engine, respectable performance, and a comfortable interior.

The Facelifted Yaris

The Facelifted Toyota Yaris introduced numerous updates and improvements over the preceding version. These changes protected an extra contemporary outside design, more desirable indoor functions, and updated technological advancements. The engine and performance were additionally refined to provide a better riding experience. Naturally, these enhancements got here with a slightly better rate tag at release.

Comparing Features: Pre-vs. Post-Facelift

Exterior Design Changes

The facelifted Yaris features a more competitive front grille, sleeker headlights, and updated bumper designs, giving it a more current and sporty look compared to the pre-facelift model.

Toyota Yaris Facelift , Yaris Facelift

Interior Upgrades

Inside, the facelifted Yaris boasts better substances, an updated dashboard format, and superior infotainment alternatives, enhancing the general riding revel.

Toyota Yaris Facelift , Yaris Facelift

Technological Advancements

Technological enhancements within the facelifted Yaris include advanced connectivity alternatives, an extra intuitive infotainment device, and additional driver help functions.

Performance Comparison

Engine Specifications

While both fashions percentage similar engine alternatives, the facelifted Yaris offers mild improvements in horsepower and torque, contributing to an extra responsive riding experience.

Fuel Efficiency

The facelifted model also benefits from better gas performance, way-to-engine optimizations, and weight discounts, making it more affordable for day-by-day use.

Driving Experience

With improved suspension tuning and managing characteristics, the facelifted Yaris offers a more cushy and attractive driving experience compared to its predecessor.

Safety Enhancements

Safety Features inside the Pre-Facelift Model

The pre-facelift Yaris came geared up with standard safety features along with airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control.

Safety Upgrades inside the Facelifted Model

The facelifted Yaris consists of additional protection capabilities like advanced motive force assistance structures, advanced crash safety, and greater structural integrity, making it a more secure preference universal.

Price Comparison

Let’s damage down the rate changes for the Yaris’s pre- and put up-facelift versions:

Yaris 1.3 M/T:

  • Pre-facelift charge: Rs. 4,326,000
  • Post-facelift price: Rs. Four,479,000
  • Difference: Rs. 153,000

GLi CVT 1.3:

  • Pre-facelift price: Rs. 4,616,000
  • Post-facelift price: Rs. 4,760,000
  • Difference: Rs. 144,000

ATIV M/T 1.3:

  • Pre-facelift rate: Rs. Four,586,000
  • Post-facelift charge: Rs. 4,730,000
  • Difference: Rs. 144,000


  • Pre-facelift fee: Rs. Four,766,000
  • Post-facelift fee: Rs. Five,604,000
  • Difference: Rs. 838,000

ATIV X CVT 1.5 (Beige Interior):

  • Pre-facelift price: Rs. Five,649,000
  • Post-facelift rate: Rs. 6,255,000
  • Difference: Rs. 606,000

ATIV X CVT 1.5(Black Interior):

  • Post-facelift charge: Rs. 6,319,000

The pinnacle variants have obtained the maximum upgrades and extra alternatives, which explains the massive fee jumps. If you’re thinking about buying a brand new Yaris with those fresh capabilities, head to your nearby Toyota Pakistan dealership and stabilize your booking. The partial payment required for reserving is Rs. 15 lacs, and the envisioned delivery time is July 2024.

Conclusion About Yaris Facelift

Understanding the fee distinction among the pre and put-up Toyota Yaris facelifts includes analyzing the adjustments in layout, functions, overall performance, and marketplace reception. While the facelifted version comes at a higher rate, its improvements in diverse areas make it a profitable investment for lots of shoppers. Ultimately, the choice among the two relies upon character choices and price range considerations.


What are the main variations between pre and post-facelift Toyota Yaris?

The facelifted Yaris features updated exterior layout, enhanced indoor substances, improved generation, and higher safety functions as compared to the pre-facelift version.

Are the brand-new capabilities inside the Yaris facelifted worth more money?

Yes, for plenty of shoppers, brand-new functions such as advanced protection structures, better infotainment, and progressed driving dynamics justify the extra price.

Is the Yaris worth the rate of growth?

It relies upon your options. If you value the updated layout, functions, and protection upgrades, the Yaris facelifted is worth funding.

What’s the shipping time for the brand-new Yaris?

The estimated shipping time for bookings made now is July 2024.

Are there any color options for the Yaris facelifted?

Yes! The Yaris has some appealing colors, which include conventional sunglasses and colorful shades.

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