Swift Savings: Suzuki Drops Prices by Rs. 710,000

Muhammad Abdullah

Swift Savings: Suzuki Drops Prices by Rs. 710,000 , Battle of the Budgets: Swift vs. Stonic

The automobile panorama in Pakistan is experiencing a seismic shift, and the extremely current tremor comes from none other than Suzuki Drops prices in Pakistan. Buckle up, because in reality, the famous hatchback, the Suzuki Swift, has just been given a major makeover, leaving vehicle lovers pleasantly surprised.

The Price Drop Season

With Kia Lucky Motors‘ recent partnership with Peugeot Pakistan, Suzuki has slashed the cost of its beloved Swift. Market dynamics are changing, and Suzuki is stepping up to the plate. Effective May 1, 2024, the revised pricing offers customers more competition.

Revised Prices: What’s Changed?

Let’s spoil down the numbers:

Swift GL MT:

  • Old Price: PKR 4,421,000
  • New Price: PKR 4,336,000
  • Reduction: PKR 85,000

Swift GL CVT:

  • Old Price: PKR 4,719,000
  • New Price: PKR 4,560,000
  • Reduction: PKR 159,000

Swift GLX CVT (Top-of-the-line):

  • Old Price: PKR 5,429,000
  • New Price: PKR 4,719,000
  • Jaw-Dropping Reduction: PKR 710,000
Swift Savings: Suzuki Drops Prices by Rs. 710,000

Terms and Conditions

Before you rev up your engines, here are some essential factors:

  • The revised fees consist of FED and sales tax, but income tax is excluded.
  • These costs are provisional and can be traded without notice.
  • Customers can pay any authority’s taxes and levies relevant at the time of transport.

The Stonic Factor

Why did the unexpected fee drop? Well, it seems Suzuki doesn’t need the Kia Stonic to borrow the show. Kia’s current Rs. 15 lac reduction inside the Stonic’s charge became heads, making it cheaper than the Honda City and even the most effective Suzuki Swift. Suzuki drops prices aren’t backing down; they’ve leveled the playing discipline by nearly matching Sonic’s charge.

Stonic EX+ Gets a Mega Discount: Rs. 15 Lakh Off! , Swift Savings: Suzuki Drops Prices by Rs. 710,000

As a customer, you presently have another attractive choice within the same rate range. Whether you’re a town slicker or a highway cruiser, Swift’s remodeled pricing may just rev up your interest.


In this thrilling car saga, the Suzuki Swift has emerged as the underdog with a newfound vigor. The price drop, akin to a surprising gust of wind, has breathed fresh existence into this beloved hatchback. Whether you’re a seasoned Swift fanatic or a curious first-time client, the revised pricing invites you to take a closer look.

FAQS About Suzuki Drops Prices

Why did Suzuki reduce the Swift’s fees?

The discount on Swift’s fees is a strategic move for Suzuki to stay aggressive in the marketplace. With the Kia Stonic making waves, Suzuki targets to stage the playing area and provide customers with an appealing alternative.

What’s the impact of this price drop on customers?

Consumers now have an extra enticing option in the identical fee range. The Swift’s revamped pricing makes it an appealing preference for town riding or dual carriageway adventures.

Is the Swift nonetheless a good deal?

Absolutely! The Swift stays a pocket rocket with its zippy overall performance, compact design, and now, a more finances-friendly rate tag.

How does the Swift evaluate to the Kia Stonic?

Swift and Stonic cater to extraordinary preferences. The Stonic has SUV-like features, while the Swift specializes in nimble coping with concrete agility.

Can I consider the brand-new expenses to remain solid?

While modern-day expenses are provisional, Suzuki’s ambition is to provide transparency. Keep an eye fixed out for any updates, and seek advice from your neighborhood dealership for the modern facts.

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