Choosing Your Ride: Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic?

Muhammad Abdullah

Choosing Your Ride: Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic?

Here is a head-to-head comparison of the Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic:

Toyota Yaris: A C-segment sedan with a simple design language. It appeals to millennials and those who prioritize funding safety over flashy looks.

KIA Stonic: A C-section compact crossover with sporty, competitive, and contemporary styling. It’s a favorite among Gen-Z drivers who crave a pleasure-to-pressure experience.

Exterior and Interior Comparison

Exterior Features

FeaturesKIA StonicToyota Yaris
Parking SensorsYesNo
Fog LampsYesYes
Wing MirrorsDual-tone with LED indicatorsDual-tone with LED indicators
Rear CameraYesYes
Rear BumperMatte black with matte white diffuserPlain body-colored
Roof RailsYesNo
Rear WiperYesNo
Brake LampYesNo
Verdict: Stonic wins in exterior styling due to its practical and modern approach.
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Interior Comfort

FeaturesKIA StonicToyota Yaris
DashboardBlack plastic with yellow borderline on AC grills and glossy gray tone on the passenger sideBlack + beige with matte gray accents
SeatsBlack fabric + leather combination with grey lines and yellow stitchingBeige fabric
SteeringThree spokes, bottom spoke in a matte white finish and yellow stitchingThree spokes, bottom spoke in a matte white finish and yellow stitching
ACDigital 2-zone climate controlDigital single zone climate control
Rear Power OutletYesDigital single-zone climate control
Steering ControlsYes (with cruise control)Yes (with cruise control)
Push StartYesYes
Sunglasses CoverYesNo
Speakers6 speakers6 speakers
Verdict: Stonic offers more modern features, but Yaris has a classic charm in the game of the Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic.
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Under the Bonnet

FeaturesKIA StonicToyota Yaris
Horsepower (HP)99 HP @ 6,000 RPM98 HP @ 6,000 RPM
Torque133 Nm @ 4,000 RPM123 Nm @ 4,200 RPM
Fuel InjectionMPISPI
Gearbox6-speed automatic7-speed CVT
Fuel Economy8-11 KM/L12-13 KM/L
Verdict: Both offer good value for money, but Stonic’s sportier drive wins hearts.

Safety Features

FeaturesKIA StonicToyota Yaris
Tyre Pressure Monitoring SystemYesNo
Rear CameraYesYes
Traction ControlYesYes
Hill AssistYesYes
Stability ControlYesYes
However, the KIA Stonic adds a few extra features to enhance safety in the Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic.

Price Comparison

  • KIA Stonic EX+ is available for Rs. 4,767,00, after a decrease of 15 lakh.
  • The Toyota Yaris is available for Rs. 5,849,000.

The KIA Stonic Ex+ is priced at Rs. 4,767,000, while the Toyota Yaris comes at Rs. 5,849,000. It appears that the KIA Stonic Ex+ is way cheaper than the Toyota Yaris.

Resale and Parts Availability

Toyota Yaris

  • Resale Value: The iconic Toyota emblem ensures good resale value. Yaris owners typically find it easier to sell their cars when upgrading.
  • Parts Availability: Toyota has an intensive community, so locating spare parts for the Yaris is generally problem-free.

KIA Stonic

  • Resale Value: The Stonic’s particular styling might try to gain recognition in the used automobile market.
  • Parts Availability: While KIA has advanced its service network, it may no longer shape Toyota’s spare parts availability.

In summary, if you prioritize resale and parts availability, go for the Yaris. If you want a modern, sporty crossover experience, the Stonic is your best bet. Choose wisely, and happy driving!


Toyota Yaris: A dependable and realistic preference with an excellent resale fee. It appeals to people who prioritize longevity and simplicity. KIA Stonic: A sportier, modern-day crossover with specific styling. It attracts more youthful drivers looking for a fascinating driving experience.

FAQs About Toyota Yaris or KIA Stonic

Which vehicle has a better resale cost?

The Toyota Yaris commonly has a better resale price due to the relied-on Toyota emblem and the huge availability of spare components.

Is the KIA Stonic extra a laugh to power?

Yes! The KIA Stonic offers a sportier force, making it more exciting for folks who respect lively riding.

What are the interior features?

The KIA Stonic boasts modern features like twin-sector climate manipulation, a sunroof, and an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
The Toyota Yaris has a classic attraction with beige fabric seats, a 6.8-inch touchscreen, and an unmarried-area weather manager.

Which engine plays better?

The KIA Stnoic comes with a 1.4L engine that produces 99 HP of horsepower and 133 Nm of torque. The Toyota Yaris has a 1.3L engine with 98 HP of horsepower and 123 Nm of torque.

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