Design Faceoff: Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin

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Design Faceoff: Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin

Choosing the right vehicle can feel like a never-ending quest, particularly with the number of alternatives available in the marketplace. Today, we’ll position two well-known models head-to-head: the Toyota Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin. Both have their specific selling points; however, which one certainly stands out? Let’s dive in and discover.

Overview of Toyota Yaris Facelift

With today’s facelift, Toyota has strengthened its enchantment with modern-day updates and stepped-forward capabilities. The Yaris Facelift boasts a swish layout, advanced safety structures, and a comfortable interior, making it a strong contender in its elegance.

Overview of Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin, alternatively, is a tremendously more recent participant but has quickly made a name for itself with its appealing pricing and sturdy feature set. The Alsvin offers a compelling package deal with its elegant layout, progressive tech features, and efficient overall performance.

Exterior and Interior Comparison

Exterior Features

The Toyota Yaris Facelift features a formidable front grille, sharp LED headlights, and a streamlined body that exudes a sporty vibe. The updated layout factors give it a smooth, contemporary appearance that appeals to a large number of drivers. Changan Alsvin additionally doesn’t lag inside the design department. It sports an extraordinary front fascia with a prominent grille, glossy headlamps, and a nicely proportioned silhouette. The layout is youthful and dynamic, targeting more youthful buyers.

FeaturesToyota Yaris 1.5 Ativ XChangan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere
HeadlightsBi-beam LED projectorsHalogen projectors
Front BumperBody color: Piano black and matte blackBody color, Chrome grill and matte black
Follow me homeYesYes
Shark fin antennaBody colouredMatte Black
Side SkirtsYesNo
Back Tail lampsLEDHalogen
Rear BumperDual tone in sporty lookDual tone in simple looks
So as a result of the Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin exterior features, both have almost the same features.
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Interior Comfort

Inside, the Toyota Yaris Facelift impresses with its properly crafted cabin. It functions with extremely good materials, a consumer-friendly dashboard, and enough legroom. The seats are cushy, making long drives a breeze. Changan Alsvin’s indoors is similarly inviting with its cutting-edge format, snug seating, and intuitive controls. The use of tender-contact substances and considerate format enhances the overall use revel in.

FeaturesToyota Yaris 1.5 Ativ XChangan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere
SteeringPU LeatherPU Leather
SeatsPU LeatherPU Leather
Push StartYesNo
Cruise ControlYesYes
Dual single-zone9″ floating display with Apple Car Play and Andriod Auto7″ floating display
Air ConditioningDual single-zoneDual single zone
So as a result, between the Yaris facelift vs Changan Alsvin, Alsvin has some advantages because of its sunroof.
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Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Toyota Yaris Facelift usually comes with a 1.5-liter engine that offers a balanced combination of energy and performance. It’s tuned for smooth acceleration and responsive management, making it a pleasure to use in urban settings. The Changan Alsvin is geared up with a 1.4-liter engine, providing exact enough performance for metropolis riding. It’s now not as effective as the Yaris, however, it’s inexperienced and receives the hobby performed without a splendid deal of fuss.

SpecsToyota Yaris 1.5 Ativ XChangan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere
Engine1.5L NR series engine1.5L BlueCore engine
Horsepower106 HP105 HP
Torque140 Nm145 Nm
Transmission7 speed CVT5 speed DCT
Fuel Average12-15 KM/L12-15 KM/L

Fuel Efficiency

The Toyota Yaris Facelift excels in gasoline performance, turning in dazzling mileage that makes it a price-effective desire for each day of commuting. It’s designed to be low-fee without compromising on performance. Changan Alsvin additionally provides a commendable gasoline economic system. It’s a gas-sipper that guarantees you spend less time on the pump and more time enjoying your pressure.

Safety Features

Safety is in strong shape for the Toyota Yaris Facelift, which comes ready with several superior safety features consisting of adaptive cruise control, lane departure caution, and automatic emergency braking. Changan Alsvin also prioritizes safety with functions like rear parking sensors, an opposite digital camera, and twin airbags. While it won’t provide as sizeable a listing because of the Yaris, it still affords stable safety.

FeaturesToyota Yaris 1.5 Ativ XChangan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere
Rear parking sensorsYesYes
Heated Side mirrorNoYes
Hill assist + VSAYesNo

Price Comparison

  • The price of the Changan Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere is Rs. 4,549,000.
  • The price of the Toyota Yaris 1.5 Ativ X is Rs. 6,319,000.


Both the Toyota Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin carry loads to the table. The Yaris excels in protection, satisfaction, and performance, making it a pinnacle pick-out for those inclined to spend a chunk more. The Alsvin, with its attractive pricing and exact fuel performance, is perfect for those looking for a good price.

FAQs About Yaris Facelift vs Changan Alsvin

How do the protection features examine?

The Yaris Facelift offers extra superior protection functions like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning, while the Alsvin affords simple protection capabilities which include twin airbags and rear parking sensors.

Which vehicle offers higher fuel performance?

Both automobiles provide similar gasoline performance. The Yaris and Alsvin reap around 12 km/l in metropolis driving and up to 15 km/l at the dual carriageway.

What is the rate distinction between the two?

The Toyota Yaris Facelift is priced higher than the Changan Alsvin, reflecting its top-class features and construction fine.

Are there any commonplace problems with both vehicle?

Both motors are usually dependable; however, it’s always a very good idea to check particular user evaluations and reviews for any ordinary troubles.

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