Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan 2024

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Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan 2024

Here is Toyota CH-R Price In Pakistan

Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan, it starts at Rs. 5,650,000 for the base variant and Rs. 11,920,000 for the top-of-line variant. All these prices are used car prices in Pakistan. The price of a Toyota C-HR depends on model year, mileage, and car condition.

  • The price of the Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo, 1197cc, Automatic, Hybrid is Rs. 5,650,000.
  • The price of the Toyota C-HR G, 1797cc, Automatic, Hybrid, is Rs. 6,985,000.
  • The price of the Toyota C-HR D-LED, 1797cc, Automatic, Hybrid is Rs. 7,902,000.
  • The price of the Toyota C-HR S, 1800cc, Automatic, Hybrid, is Rs. 7,320,000.
  • The price of the Toyota C-HR S-LED, 1797cc, Automatic, Hybrid is Rs. 7,526,000.
  • The price of the Toyota C-HR Koba, 1798cc, Automatic, Hybrid, is Rs. 11,920,000.

Introduction to Toyota C-HR

In recent years, the automotive landscape in Pakistan has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with a surge in demand for stylish and feature-packed crossover SUVs. One standout in this evolving market is the Toyota C-HR, a vehicle that has captured the attention of Pakistani drivers with its unique design, advanced features, and reliable performance.

Exterior and Interior Design of Toyota C-HR

Exterior Design

The outdoors of the Toyota C-HR in Pakistan is a mix of boldness and class. It stands out from the streets with its futuristic and dynamic layout. The high beltline, sloped roofline, and dynamic colour scheme give the C-HR a completely unique and contemporary appearance. LED headlights and hind lights not only enhance visibility but also contribute to the C-HR’s modern aesthetic. LED daylight running lighting fixtures add a hint of beauty, making it simpler to identify the auto all through the day.

Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan 2024

Not only do the wheels add sportiness, but they also contribute to the automobile’s sturdy overall performance on the road. The coupe-stimulated roofline gives the C-HR a swish and sporty appearance. Toyota gives outdoor coloration alternatives for the C-HR in Pakistan. Whether you decide upon traditional black, vivid crimson, or subtle silver, there may be a shade scheme to match each flavor, permitting customers to customize their C-HR to mirror their fashion.

Interior Features

Upon coming into the C-HR, you will be aware of a totally purposeful and nicely thought-out cabin. The indoors are designed to offer consolation and convenience, with clean access to the controls for the motive force and maximized passenger seating. The indoor materials of the C-HR reflect Toyota’s dedication to satisfaction. The C-HR in Pakistan comes equipped with an advanced infotainment system. A touchscreen display serves as the command center, supplying features including navigation, smartphone integration, and controls for audio and weather settings.

Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan 2024

The seats within the C-HR are designed for consolation on both quick commutes and lengthy journeys. The supportive and properly-contoured seats ensure that occupants live snugly, making the C-HR appropriate for daily use and avenue trips alike. Depending on the trim level, the C-HR may have characteristic ambient lighting fixtures within the cabin. This no longer only provides a touch of sophistication but additionally contributes to a relaxed and inviting ecosystem during nighttime drives.

Engine and Performance of Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR available in Pakistan comes with a range of powertrain options to cater to exclusive uses. The most common configuration consists of a gas engine, ensuring stability of performance and fuel efficiency. According to its performance, the Toyota C-HR price in Pakistan is awesome. Additionally, Toyota offers hybrid variations for those in search of a more environmentally pleasant driving experience. With its compact length and agile handling, the Toyota C-HR is properly desirable for town riding in Pakistan.

Engine type: In-line 4-Cylinder.

Displacement: 1.2-liter, 1197 cc; 1.8-liter, 1800 cc.

Valvetrain: DOHC 16-Valve+Hybrid Synergy.

Horsepower: 96–122 Hp of Horsepower.

Torque: 142-185 Nm of Torque.

Transmission and Handling

The Toyota C-HR typically functions as a clean and green transmission gadget. Whether prepared with a constantly variable transmission (CVT) or an automated transmission, the tool shifts are seamless, contributing to a comfortable and exciting driving experience for both town visitors and open roads. The C-HR’s chassis and suspension are engineered to provide responsive handling. The automobile maintains balance all through cornering, providing an assured and controlled ride. This feature is especially positive for navigating the various road situations in Pakistan.

Fuel Efficiency

The C-HR prioritizes gas performance, addressing the issues of Pakistani drivers in a market where gas fees may be a huge consideration. The combination of aerodynamics, efficient engine design, and, in the case of hybrid models, electric-powered electricity contributes to a commendable gasoline economy, providing you with 19 KM/L in the City and 24 KM/L on the Highway.

Safety Features

The Toyota C-HR in Pakistan is ready with a complete airbag system that consists of the front, aspect, and curtain airbags. All variants contain 8-airbags. VSC is a dynamic protection function that enables skidding and lack of management with the aid of adjusting engine power and applying brakes to specific wheels when needed. It contributes to maintaining stability in the course of abrupt maneuvers or slippery road situations. Working at the side of the VSC, Traction Control prevents wheel spin throughout acceleration. It optimizes traction on exceptional road surfaces, ensuring that the C-HR continues to manipulate and balance, especially in hard-riding conditions.

Conclusion About Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan

The Toyota C-HR has undeniably made a mark on the Pakistani vehicle scene, providing an elegant and sensible desire for drivers in search of an outstanding crossover SUV. With its futuristic design, advanced functions, and dedication to safety and fuel efficiency, the Toyota C-HR isn’t just an automobile; it’s miles of riding enjoyment tailored for the evolving goals of Pakistani motorists. Whether you’re navigating town jungles or embarking on adventurous street journeys, the Toyota C-HR is prepared to redefine your adventure on the roads of Pakistan.

FAQs About Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan

Is the Toyota C-HR available in hybrid variants in Pakistan?

Yes, Toyota gives hybrid versions of the C-HR in Pakistan, offering environmentally aware drivers with a fuel-green and eco-friendly choice.

How does the Toyota C-HR cope with Pakistani road situations?

The C-HR is designed to address numerous road conditions in Pakistan. Its responsive suspension device and nicely-tuned chassis make sure a clean and comfortable journey, whether you’re navigating metropolis streets or tackling tough terrains.

How does the Toyota C-HR make contributions to gasoline efficiency?

The C-HR is engineered for fuel efficiency, and its hybrid variant, specially, maximizes fuel financial system with the aid of combining a petroleum engine with an electric powered motor. This now not simplest reduces gas intake but additionally minimizes the environmental effect.

Is the Toyota C-HR appropriate for family use?

Yes, the Toyota C-HR is a versatile car appropriate for families. With its spacious interior, cushty seating, and advanced safety competencies, it offers a steady and amusing the usage of revel in for every drivers and passengers.

Is Toyota C-HR Price In Pakistan is worth buying option in used car in 2024?

Yes, in 2024, the Toyota C-HR price in Pakistan for used SUV’s will be the perfect option for you if you want a powerful engine, the best fuel efficiency, and a family car. So, this is the perfect option for you in 2024.

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