Honda BR-V 2024 Price In Pakistan

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Honda BR-V 2024 Price In Pakistan

Here is Honda BR-V 2024 Price In Pakistan

The Honda BR-V 2024 price in Pakistan is Rs. 6,299,000 for the i-VTEC S (CVT) variant. The following is the ex-factory price of the Honda BR-V in Pakistan:

  • The price of the Honda BR-V i-VTEC S (CVT), 1497cc, Automatic, Petrol is Rs. 6,299,000.

Introduction to Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V, a symbol of fashion and versatility, made its mark on the Pakistani car panorama with its respectable introduction to the market. Let’s delve into the history of the Honda BR-V in Pakistan, tracing its evolution from its inception to its present-day repute as a sought-after SUV. The Honda BR-V first entered the Pakistani car scene with its reputable release, bringing a new size to the SUV segment. Introduced as a seven-seater crossover, it aimed to cater to the numerous wishes of Pakistani drivers searching for a spacious, stylish, and efficient vehicle.

Exterior and Interior of Design of Honda BR-V

Exterior Design

The front fascia of the Honda BR-V showcases an ambitious and dynamic presence. A chrome-accented grille takes middle degree, flanked with the aid of glossy and angular headlights that provide a modern look. The front bumper is designed with aerodynamics in mind, contributing to both style and performance. The BR-V’s body functions with smooth traces and sculpted curves, developing a feel of fluidity and aerodynamic efficiency. The typical design is properly proportioned, giving the SUV a strong yet fashionable look.

Honda BR-V , Honda BR-V 2024 Price In Pakistan

Adding to its sporty appeal, the Honda BR-V comes equipped with roof rails. These now not only decorate the SUV’s aesthetics but also provide practicality for those who would possibly want extra cargo area for outdoor sports. The BR-V rides on stylish alloy wheels, contributing to its common aesthetic attraction. The wheel design might also range depending on the trim degree; however, they usually complement the SUV’s sporty and adventurous personality. The seamless integration of body-colored door handles and aspect mirrors adds a hint of sophistication to the outdoors.

Interior Features

The BR-V offers a spacious interior, accommodating as many as seven passengers. The three-row seating configuration is designed to offer enough legroom and headroom, ensuring a snug experience for occupants in all rows. The second-row seats are adjustable, making an allowance for flexibility in configuring the interior space. This function is specifically beneficial for optimizing both passenger comfort and cargo space, relying on the desires of the moment. The multifunction guidance wheel is a key feature that adds comfort to the riding experience for the Honda BR-V 2024 price in Pakistan.

Honda BR-V , Honda BR-V 2024 Price In Pakistan

The Honda BR-V comes equipped with a contemporary infotainment machine. Featuring a touchscreen display, the machine provides Bluetooth connectivity, cellphone integration, and access to diverse amusement alternatives. This contributes to an enjoyable and linked experience. Honda pays attention to the substances used within the BR-V’s interior, incorporating superb finishes and surfaces. This interest in the element complements the general comfort and aesthetics of the cabin.

Engine and Performance of Honda BR-V

The 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine generates a decent quantity of power, presenting adequate acceleration and responsiveness on the street. The power output may also range slightly depending on the unique variation and trim degree of the BR-V. This engine configuration is understood for its performance and overall performance, making it appropriate for both town commuting and long-distance trips. The transmission options for the Honda BR-V generally encompass a clean and responsive continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Engine Type: In-Line 4-Cylinder.

Displacement: 1.5 liters, 1497 cc.

Valvetrain: 16-Valve, SOHC i-VTEC.

Transmission: Automatic (CVT).

Horsepower: 118 HP of Horsepower.

Torque: 145 Nm of Torque.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel performance is an important factor for plenty of drivers in Pakistan, given the variability in gas fees. The BR-V addresses this problem by supplying a commendable gas economic system. Its efficient engine, coupled with its aerodynamic design, facilitates minimizing gas intake at some point in both city and highway driving providing you 12 KM/L in City and 16 KM/L Fuel efficiency on Highway.

Safety Features

The BR-V comes ready with a complete airbag device contain 2-Airbags. Dual front airbags are popular, providing safety for both the driver and the front passenger in the event of a collision. These airbags are designed to be deployed strategically, primarily based on the severity of the effect. VSA is a dynamic balance management system that allows the motive force to hold manage for the duration of oversteering or understeering situations. By adjusting engine electricity and selectively making use of brake force on man or woman’s wheels, VSA complements vehicle balance, especially in challenging riding conditions.

Hill Start Assist is a feature designed to save the car from rolling backward while starting on an incline. It holds the brake for a short moment after the driving force releases the brake pedal, supplying time to have interaction with the accelerator without the risk of rolling back. TCS is a protection feature that stops wheel spin throughout acceleration by means of adjusting engine power or applying brakes to individual wheels. This is mainly beneficial in slippery situations, providing more desirable traction and balance.

Conclusion About Honda BR-V 2024 Price in Pakistan

In the world of SUVs in Pakistan, the Honda BR-V proves to be a compelling desire for those searching for a versatile and comfortable automobile. Its stylish layout, spacious interior, green overall performance, and superior protection capabilities make it well-suitable for the numerous needs of Pakistani drivers. Whether you’re navigating city streets, embarking on a family avenue ride, or venturing off the crushed path, the Honda BR-V grants a satisfying experience that aligns with Honda’s reputation for excellence.

FAQs About Honda BR-V 2024 Price in Pakistan

How does the Honda BR-V carry out on long journeys?

The Honda BR-V excels on prolonged trips, supplying a snug journey for both the reason force and passengers. Its spacious interior, supportive seats, and inexperienced suspension tool make it an notable desire for avenue journeys.

Is the Honda BR-V appropriate for off-road using?

While the Honda BR-V is not a committed off-street vehicle, its strong design and good enough ground clearance make it able to handling mild off-avenue situations. It is well-suitable for adventures that contain gravel roads or uneven terrain.

What is the gas efficiency of the Honda BR-V?

The gas efficiency of the Honda BR-V depends on different factors including riding conditions and upkeep. On average, it gives a competitive fuel economic system, making it a cheap desire for every day commuting and lengthy-distance journey.

Does the Honda BR-V have advanced protection functions?

Yes, the Honda BR-V is ready with advanced protection features, consisting of airbags, ABS brakes, balance control, and traction control. These capabilities contribute to a excessive level of occupant protection.

Is Honda BR-V 2024 Price in Pakistan is worth buying option in SUVs in Pakistan?

Yes, the Honda BR-V 2024 price in Pakistan is its original car price in 2024, as compared to other SUVs available with high prices in this segment.

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