KIA Picanto 2024 Price In Pakistan

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KIA Picanto 2024 Price In Pakistan

Here Is KIA Picanto 2024 Price In Pakistan

The KIA Picanto 2024 price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 3,350,000 for the manual variant and Rs. 3,850,000 for the automatic variant. You can also get Rs. 50,000 cashback for KIA Picanto A/T until January 31, 2024. Following are the prices of the KIA Picanto ex-factory in Pakistan:

  • The price of the KIA Picanto 1.0 M/T, 1000cc, manual is Rs. 3,350,000.
  • The price of the KIA Picanto 1.0 A/T, 1000c, Automatic is Rs. 3,850,000.

Introduction to KIA Picanto

In the bustling streets of Pakistan, where every turn brings new surprises and challenges, the choice of a reliable and efficient vehicle becomes paramount. One car that has been making waves in the Pakistani automobile scene is the KIA Picanto. This compact surprise has carved a spot for itself, providing an ideal combination of fashion, affordability, and performance. In this blog, we’ll dive into the charming world of the KIA Picanto, exploring why it has emerged as a preferred preference for plenty of Pakistanis.

Exterior and Interior of KIA Picanto

Exterior Design

The compact design of the Picanto is mainly acceptable for navigating through the busy streets of Pakistani cities. The front fascia functions as a formidable and modern-day grille, complemented by sleek headlights that give the auto a dynamic and modern-day appearance. The rear cease of the Picanto is characterized by special tail lighting, finishing the general cutting-edge and stylish outdoors.

Suzuki Cultus , KIA Picanto price in Pakistan

Available in a whole lot of colourful shades, the KIA Picanto allows owners to express their personal style. Whether it’s a bold red or a traditional silver, the shade options add an extra layer of customization to the outdoor aesthetics of the car, catering to numerous tastes within the Pakistani marketplace. According to the KIA Picanto 2024 price in Pakistan, its exterior design is extremely beautiful.

Interior Features

Step inside the KIA Picanto, and you will find an interior that defies its compact outside dimensions. The cabin is designed to maximize space, imparting notably roomy and comfortable surroundings for both the motive force and passengers. High-exceptional materials and attention to detail create a top-class feel within the confines of this price-range-friendly car. The seating inside the KIA Picanto is designed with consolation in mind. Despite its compact size, the automobile offers sufficient legroom and headspace, making it suitable for long journeys in addition to quick commutes.

KIA Picanto 2024 price in Pakistan

The dashboard is a focal point of the interior, offering a modern-day and intuitive format. The middle console houses a responsive touch display screen, serving as the command center for the automobile’s infotainment gadget. The inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity ensures that occupants can seamlessly combine their smartphones, enhancing their enjoyment of navigation, songs, and finger-loose communication. The indoor layout isn’t only purposeful but additionally aesthetically beautiful. Thoughtful information, including chrome accents and tender-contact substances, adds a touch of sophistication to the cabin.

Engine and Performance

Engine Option

Under the hood, the KIA Picanto generally comes equipped with a range of 998-cc MPI inline 3-cylinder gasoline-efficient and responsive engines. The unique engine options may additionally vary; however, the most common ones encompass a compact and peppy petrol engine. The displacement, often around 1.0, strikes a balance between strength and performance, catering to the demands of urban commuting and longer drives. The engine is engineered to meet the diverse use situations encountered in Pakistan, from crowded town streets to winding highways.


Despite its compact nature, the Picanto packs a punch when it comes to acceleration. The light-weight layout and properly tuned engine allow fast acceleration, making it a zippy and fun automobile to drive, producing 68 horsepower and 94 Nm of torque. While it is not a sports vehicle, the Picanto has sufficient power for ordinary use. The suspension machine of the KIA Picanto is tuned to offer a comfortable and smooth journey. Whether you’re dealing with potholes on town roads or taking part in a weekend force on the outskirts, the Picanto absorbs bumps and imperfections, contributing to a pleasant user experience for both the motive force and passengers.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the Picanto’s standout capabilities is its astounding gasoline performance. The compact engine, paired with shrewd engineering, permits the auto to deliver fantastic mileage—12 KM/L in city and 16 KM/L on highway fuel efficiency. This is a critical factor for Pakistani drivers going through the challenges of rising gas costs, making the Picanto an economical choice for daily commuting and extended journeys.

Safety Features

The KIA Picanto prioritizes safety, imparting a number of features designed to protect both the driving force and passengers. In the context of Pakistan’s numerous and frequently difficult avenue conditions, these safety elements contribute to the self-assurance and peace of mind of Picanto owners. Let’s explore the important protection features that make the KIA Picanto 2024 price in Pakistan a reliable and steady choice on Pakistani roads.


The KIA Picanto is ready with a comprehensive airbag gadget that includes front airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger. These airbags are installed on the occasion of a collision, providing an essential layer of safety to reduce the danger of harm. Both variants, M/T and A/T, contain 2-airbags.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS):

The presence of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is an essential feature in KIA Picanto. ABS prevents wheel lock all through difficult braking, permitting the driving force to preserve guidance control even in emergency situations. This is especially beneficial on slippery roads or at some stage in sudden stops.

Traction Control System (TCS):

The Traction Control System complements the ESC by stopping wheel spin all through acceleration. This is especially precious on slippery surfaces, along with moist or icy roads, where preserving traction is critical for secure riding.

Brake Assist System (BAS):

The Brake Assist System detects emergency braking situations and automatically applies additional braking force. This feature is designed to shorten the braking distance, supplying greater help during surprising stops.

Hill-begin Assist Control (HAC):

Hill-begin assist control is specifically useful in hilly terrain. It prevents the auto from rolling backward while starting on an incline by maintaining brake strain for a quick length, allowing the driving force to transition smoothly from brake to accelerator.

Child Safety Features:

The KIA Picanto consists of infant protection capabilities together with ISOFIX anchor points, imparting a steady and standardized approach for putting in baby seats. This ensures the safety of younger passengers at some point in their trips.

Conclusion About KIA Picanto 2024 Price In Pakistan

The KIA Picanto has emerged as a charismatic and reliable companion for Pakistani drivers, imparting a really perfect combination of fashion, affordability, and overall performance. Its compact design, fuel performance, tech-savvy features, and commitment to safety make it a standout preference in the nearby automobile panorama.

FAQs About KIA Picanto 2024 Price In Pakistan

What makes the KIA Picanto a popular preference in Pakistan?

The KIA Picanto has received a reputation in Pakistan because of its compact layout, gasoline efficiency, and affordability. Its smooth outdoors, spacious indoors, and metropolis-pleasant maneuverability make it a favored preference for those navigating via the bustling streets of Pakistani cities.

How fuel-efficient is the KIA Picanto?

The KIA Picanto is known for its mind-blowing gasoline efficiency. Its compact engine is designed to deliver fantastic mileage, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commutes and lengthy drives. With the growing fuel costs, the Picanto’s ability to maximise gas usage turns into a massive advantage for Pakistani vehicle owners.

Is the KIA Picanto suitable for metropolises in Pakistan?

Absolutely. The KIA Picanto’s nimble handling and responsive steering make it a super choice for town riding in Pakistan. Its compact size allows for easy maneuverability through visitors, tight turns, and crowded streets. This makes it a stress-unfastened and enjoyable experience for drivers navigating the urban panorama.

What is the feedback from KIA Picanto owners in Pakistan?

KIA Picanto proprietors in Pakistan have supplied high-quality remarks, praising its fuel performance, snug interiors, and fashionable layout. The after-sales carrier provided by KIA dealerships has additionally acquired commendation, creating an experience of trust and pleasure for many in the Picanto network.

Is KIA Picanto 2024 price in Pakistan is worth it?

Yes, in 2024, the price of the KIA Picanto will be a buying option in Pakistan.

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