KIA Motors Pakistan increased prices in 2024

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KIA Motors Pakistan increased prices in 2024

KIA Motors Pakistan increase the prices of Sportage and Picanto

In a surprising flip of activities, KIA Motors Pakistan experienced a large shift on February 1, 2024, with Kia Motors saying a rate increase for two of its famous models, the Kia Picanto and Sportage. This unexpected flow has left many clients and fans curious about the reasons behind the selection and its capability effect inside the marketplace. On this website, we can explore the statistics of these sudden increases, examine the available resources, and address a few commonly asked questions while providing a detailed understanding of the landscape around them.

The Kia Picanto and Sportage have established themselves as crowd favorites in the Pakistani car market. The Picanto, with its compact design and fuel efficiency, has become the favorite of city commuters, while the Sportage, which is regarded for its strong styling and universal performance, has gained a strong following among the extreme SUVs.

New KIA Sportage Price

KIA Motors Pakistan has only revised the price of the KIA Sportage Alpha variant. The new price of Sportage, after an increase of Rs. 250,000, including the CVT variant, jumps from Rs. 7,300,000 to Rs. 7,550,000.

KIA Motors Pakistan increased prices in 2024

New KIA Picanto Price

Similar to Sportage, KIA Motors Pakistan only revised the price of the KIA Picanto Manual variant after an increase of Rs. 250,000 Its new price jumps from Rs. 3,350,000 to Rs. 3,600,000.

KIA Motors Pakistan increased prices in 2024

While booking both cars is open on partial payment,

Terms and Conditions

  • All new bookings from February 1, 2024, will be invoiced at new ex-factory prices.
  • The customer will continue to avail of the cashback offer on all variants of Kia Sportage until February 29, 2024.
  • All ex-factory prices are exclusive of freight and insurance charges.
  • All taxes and duties imposed by the government are applicable at the time of delivery received from the customer.


The unexpected circulation through Kia Motors Pakistan to boost the costs of the Picanto and Sportage in Pakistan has certainly left consumers and fans with numerous questions. While the global economic panorama and supply chain challenges have played a sizable role in this choice, it remains to be seen how the market will respond and whether additional measures can be added to address purchaser issues.

FAQs About Surprisingly Increased Prices

Why did Kia Motors Pakistan decide to increase the prices of the Picanto and Sportage?

Kia Motors attributed the rate of growth to international monetary factors, supply chain disruptions, and the incorporation of advanced technology in present-day fashion. These elements collectively led to better production prices, prompting an adjustment in pricing.

How lots has the charge expanded for the Picanto and Sportage?

The specific percentage increase varies depending at the precise version and variant. Buyers are suggested to test with authorized Kia dealerships for the maximum correct and updated pricing facts.

Are different Kia models also stricken by the fee growth?

As of now, Kia Motors has best announced a charge increase for the Picanto and Sportage in Pakistan. However, it’s critical to stay informed approximately any potential changes that may be communicated by way of the producer within the destiny.

Will the price hike affect the resale cost of current Picanto and Sportage vehicles?

While it’s challenging to expect the exact impact, a unexpected rate boom can also have an effect on the resale value of current models. However, the resale value is stimulated by means of various factors, and it is really useful to consult with industry professionals for a greater accurate evaluation.

Are there any special offers or promotions to mitigate the impact of the price growth?

Kia Motors Pakistan or legal dealerships may introduce special offers or promotions to provide alleviation to purchasers tormented by the rate hike. It’s advisable to inquire about any ongoing deals or financing alternatives that would help ease the monetary burden.

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