Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

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Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

Here is Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 11,959,000 for base variant and Rs. 15,359,000 for GR-S variant. The following prices of Toyota Revo are ex-factory prices in Pakistan:

  • The price of the Toyota Revo G M/T 2.8, 2755cc, Manual, Diesel is Rs. 11,959,000.
  • The price of the Toyota Revo G A/T 2.8, 2755cc, Automatic, Diesel is Rs. 12,549,000.
  • The price of the Toyota Revo V A/T 2.8, 2755cc, Automatic, Diesel is Rs. 13,849,000.
  • The price of the Toyota Revo Rocco, 2755cc, Automatic, Diesel, is Rs. 14,419,000.
  • The price of the Toyota Revo GR-S, 2755cc, Automatic, Diesel is Rs. 15,359,000.

Introduction to Toyota Revo

In the bustling car panorama of Pakistan, in which choices range from compact hatchbacks to sturdy SUVs, one car has managed to carve its niche and dominate the roads with style and substance: the Toyota Revo. The Toyota Hilux Revo, in particular, has grown to be more than just a vehicle; it’s an image of sturdiness, reliability, and flexibility, taking pictures in the hearts of journey lovers and sensible drivers alike. The Toyota Hilux Revo, regularly referred to as the Toyota Revo, made its debut in the Pakistani marketplace some years ago. Rooted in the legacy of the Hilux collection.

Exterior and Interior of Toyota Revo

Exterior Design

The Toyota Revo makes a robust first affect with its formidable and distinct the front grille. The chrome accents and Toyota brand take center degree, exuding a commanding presence on the street. Flanking the grille are smooth, angular headlights that now not handiest beautify visibility in the course of nighttime drives but also contribute to the Revo’s modern-day and dynamic aesthetic. The Revo’s body design is a great combination of power and style. Its muscular fenders and outstanding wheel arches supply it a strong look, hinting on the vehicle’s off-avenue talents.

Toyota Revo 2023 , Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

As your gaze travels along the edges, you’ll word the nicely described man or woman lines that upload a hint of class to the Revo’s rugged demeanor. The aspect steps make stepping into and out of the automobile a breeze, while additionally including a sporty flair. The rear of the Toyota Revo is not any less hanging. The combination of sleek rear lights, a strong tailgate, and the chrome rear bumper exhibit a harmonious stability of durability and refinement. Wheel options range across special trims, presenting a preference between fashionable alloy wheels that decorate the Revo’s normal aesthetic.

Interior Features

Stepping in the Toyota Revo, you’ll be greeted by using a spacious cabin that readily contains both driving force and passengers. The interior space is thoughtfully designed to provide a feel of openness and freedom. From the dashboard to the door panels, the Toyota Revo boasts extraordinary substances that not only beautify the general look however additionally make contributions to a premium sense. Soft-touch surfaces and nicely crafted info upload a touch of luxurious.

Toyota Revo 2023 , Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

The middle console capabilities a modern infotainment system that serves because the control hub for various functions. Touchscreen displays, intuitive controls, and connectivity options cater to the tech-savvy driving force. The seats inside the Toyota Revo are designed for consolation, whether or not you’re embarking on a protracted road trip or navigating metropolis streets. Supportive cushions and sufficient legroom make certain a pleasant trip for all occupants.

Engine and Performance

The coronary heart of any automobile lies beneath the hood, and inside the case of the Toyota Revo 2.8 in Pakistan, it’s a powerhouse of overall performance. Let’s delve into the engine specifications and average overall performance capabilities that make the Toyota Revo 2.8 a formidable presence on both city streets and stale-street terrains. At the center of the Toyota Revo 2.8 is a strong 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine. This powerhouse is designed to supply not handiest marvelous performance however additionally gas performance, catering to the numerous desires of drivers in Pakistan.

Engine Type: 1GD-FTV (Single Turbo).

Displacement: 2755 CC.

Transmission: 6-speed Automatic, Manual.

Horsepower: 110-201 HP of Horsepower.

Torque: 343-500 Nm of Torque.

Off-Road Capacity

The Toyota Revo 2.8 is built for journey. Its four-wheel-pressure device, mixed with superior suspension generation, guarantees that it could navigate off-avenue terrains with no trouble. Whether it’s rocky paths or muddy trails, the Revo 2.8 is up to the assignment. For those who require a car for towing purposes, the Revo 2.8 is a successful accomplice. Its sturdy engine and chassis allow it to tow heavy masses, making it suitable for each painting and entertainment sports.

Fuel Efficiency

Beyond its rugged outdoors and powerful engine, the Toyota Revo is exceedingly gas-efficient providing you 8 KM/L in City and 10 KM/L on Highway. This makes it a practical preference for daily commuting and lengthy trips, catering to the wishes of folks who searching for both overall performance and economic sustainability in a car.

Safety Features

Dual the front airbags are trendy within the Toyota Revo, deploying upon effect to provide vital safety for the driving force and front passenger. ABS complements vehicle manipulate, decreasing the danger of skidding and ensuring effective braking in emergency situations. VSC is a important protection characteristic that helps save you skidding and lack of traction. By adjusting engine electricity and applying individual brakes, VSC complements balance in the course of unexpected maneuvers or slippery avenue conditions.

Conclusion About Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

In end, the Toyota Revo has undeniably left an indelible mark on the automobile panorama in Pakistan. Its sturdy design, flexible performance, and enduring popularity have made it an image of reliability and journey. Whether you are navigating city streets, tackling hard terrains, or embarking on a pass-USA journey, the Toyota Revo promises a riding revel in past limits. As it keeps adapting and seize the hearts of drivers throughout the Usa, the Toyota Revo stays an iconic preference in the numerous worlds of Pakistani cars.

FAQs About Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan

What sets the Toyota Revo apart from other pickups in Pakistan?

The Toyota Revo sticks out for its combination of durability, overall performance, and versatility. It boasts a robust layout, advanced functions, and rancid-road competencies that make it a frontrunner within the pickup phase.

How does the Toyota Revo perform on off-road terrains?

The Toyota Revo is built to handle hard terrains easily. Its four-wheel-pressure variants, together with superior suspension structures, make it a powerful off-road automobile, supplying a easy and managed revel in even in rugged environments.

Is the Toyota Revo suitable for each city and rural riding?

Yes, the Toyota Revo is designed to excel in both urban and rural environments. Its effective engine and sturdy creation make it perfect for metropolis commuting, whilst its off-street abilities cater to folks that experience exploring greater adventurous terrains.

How does the Toyota Revo contribute to protection?

The Toyota Revo prioritizes protection with capabilities such as airbags, anti-lock braking structures (ABS), and stability manage. Its strong build and advanced safety technologies make sure that occupants are nicely covered in diverse riding situations.

Is Toyota Revo 2024 Price in Pakistan being worth buying option in 2024?

Yes Toyota Revo 2024 price in Pakistan is best option in 4×4 off-road vehicle if you want a new car in 2024 just go for it.

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