Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Muhammad Abdullah

Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Pakistan’s renowned car manufacturer, Pak Suzuki announces first car price hike recently and recently made a first-rate assertion that is good enough to catch the eyes of car enthusiasts and power buyers. On February 29, 2024, the year will officially begin. Gather yourself together, for truth Suzuki motor costs on the push-up!

Explanation of Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike

In line with the expected flow, Pak Suzuki has improved the prices of its popular styles. While the reasons for the organization’s smooth run are not made clear, the new net debt will take effect on March 1, 2024, driven by market developments and economic factors.

Revised rates: What you need to know

Let’s dive into the revised pricing of some of his favorite Suzuki hatchbacks:

Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Alto: compact companion

  • Alto VX: get entry-level The Alto VX now comes with a price of PKR 2,331,000, exceeding the previous cost by PKR 80,000.
  • Alto VXR: The mid-range Alto VXR saw an increase of PKR 95,000, bringing its new tax to PKR 2,707,000.
  • Alto VXR AGS: If you’re eyeing the automated variation, be organized for a PKR 95,000 growth, making it PKR 2,894,000.
  • Alto VXL AGS: The probably greatest Alto VXL AGS now stands at PKR 3,0.5,000, reflecting a bounce of PKR 110,000.
Suzuki Alto Vs Mehran , Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Cultus: A Trusted Companion

  • Cultus VXR: The base model Cultus VXR has experienced a surge of PKR 140,000, settling at PKR 3,858,000.
  • Cultus VXL: The mid-range Cultus VXL has seen a rate boom of PKR 160,000 and is now priced at PKR 4,244,000.
  • Cultus AGS: The automated variant, Cultus AGS, will now cost you PKR 4,546,000, up by PKR 180,000.
Suzuki Cultus vs Wagon R , Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Swift: The Sporty Contender

  • Swift GL MT: The guide Swift GL MT has risen by PKR 85,000, reaching PKR 4,421,000.
  • Swift GL CVT: If you opt for the automated version, the Swift GL CVT now stands at PKR 4,719,000, after a PKR 65,000 boom.
  • Swift GLX CVT: The top-tier Swift GLX CVT has seen a hike of PKR 85,000, making it PKR 5,125,000.
Suzuki Swift GLX CVT 2023 , Suzuki Swift 2024 Price in Pakistan , Suzuki Announces First Car Price Hike of 2024

Conclusion about Suzuki Announces first car price hike

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Pakistani car enterprise, the latest charge hike by Pak Suzuki has stirred both interest and concern. As automobile fans and ability shoppers, we find ourselves at a crossroads—balancing our love for wheels with the practicalities of our wallets. While the exact reasons behind this rate increase continue to be shrouded in mystery, we can’t ignore the broader monetary context. Market dynamics, inflation, and other factors have conspired to nudge Suzuki car prices upward.


Why did Pak Suzuki growth the auto fees?

While the reputable notification doesn’t specify the exact motives, market dynamics, inflation, and other financial factors probable played a function.

Are the brand new prices which includes taxes?

Yes, the revised prices encompass Federal Excise Duty (FED) and Sales Tax however exclude Advance Income Tax.

Can the costs change without previous word?

Yes, the provincial prices are situation to trade, and the charges at the time of shipping will follow.

Who bears extra government taxes and levies?

Customers are responsible for any authorities taxes and levies relevant at the time of transport.

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