latest Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan

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Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan

Here is the Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan

The Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 3,749,000 for the base variant and Rs. 4,099,000 for the top-of-line variant. The following prices for Proton Saga are ex-factory prices in Pakistan:

  • The price of the Proton Saga 1.3L Standard M/T, 1300cc, Manual, Petrol is Rs. 3,749,000.
  • The price of the Proton Saga 1.3L Standard A/T, 1300cc, Automatic, Petrol is Rs. 3,949,000.
  • The price of the Proton Saga 1.3L ACE A/T, 1300cc, Automatic, Petrol is Rs. 4,099,000.

Introduction to Proton Saga

In present-day years, the car enterprise in Pakistan has witnessed a paradigm shift with the creation of the latest game enthusiasts and fashions. One such noteworthy addition to the marketplace is the Proton Saga, a compact sedan that has been making waves since delve into the Proton Saga’s impact on Pakistan’s automobile panorama and its key capabilities, and deal with some regularly requested questions to offer a comprehensive assessment for potential buyers.

Exterior and Interior of Proton Saga

Exterior Design

The Proton Saga in Pakistan boasts a cutting-edge and pleasing outside design that sets it apart inside the crowded sedan phase. The front fascia is ruled via a bold chrome-accented grille, giving the auto a special and dynamic appearance. Flanking the grille, the headlights have a swish layout with a modern touch, incorporating projector lamps for improved visibility throughout nighttime drives. Moving alongside the edges, the Proton Saga reveals clean strains and a well-defined silhouette, contributing to its aerodynamic profile. The automobile’s profile is accentuated with the aid of stylish alloy wheels, including a touch of class.

Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan

The rear of the Proton Saga is marked by way of a properly-integrated trunk, complemented by using stylish hind lights that beautify the auto’s visible attraction. The chrome detailing on the trunk adds a touch of top rate aesthetics, developing a balanced and cohesive design from the front to returned. In terms of shade alternatives, the Proton Saga in Pakistan gives a diverse variety, permitting consumers to pick out from conventional shades to extra vibrant and contemporary colorings that fit individual possibilities.

Interior Features

Stepping inside the Proton Saga reveals a thoughtfully designed and snug cabin that maximizes area and functionality. The indoor layout is easy and uncluttered, with a focal point on user-friendly controls and cutting-edge aesthetics. The seating arrangement guarantees adequate legroom and headroom for both the driver and passengers, contributing to a snug journey designed with ability, support, and luxury, making long drives enjoyable. Quality upholstery and attention to elements inside the interior materials contribute to the overall top-class experience.

Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan

The dashboard is prepared with a person-pleasant infotainment device, presenting a touchscreen display that provides smooth access to multimedia capabilities, navigation, and connectivity alternatives. The inclusion of telephone integration enhances the general riding experience, allowing occupants to live together on the cross. The Proton Saga in Pakistan prioritizes practicality, with nicely located storage booths and cup holders to cater to the everyday desires of customers. The tool cluster is designed with readability in mind, ensuring that crucial statistics are easily accessible to the driving force.

Engine and Performance of Proton Saga

The Proton Saga 1.3L, available in Pakistan, is powered by a reliable and fuel-green engine, handing over a commendable mixture of overall performance and performance. The Proton Saga 1.3L is geared up with a 1.3-liter DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) engine. This powerplant is thought of for its efficiency and responsiveness, supplying adequate strength for city commuting and dual carriageway riding. The DOHC configuration complements the engine’s capability to control airflow effectively, contributing to improved performance.

Engine Type: 4-cylinder, inline-16 valve DOHC VVT.

Displacement: 1.3 liters, 1299 cc.

Transmission: 5-speed automatic and manual transmissions.

Horsepower: 91–95 HP of horsepower.

Torque: 117–220 Nm of torque.

Proton has a reputation for generating dependable motors, and the Saga 1.3L is not an exception. Routine upkeep and service periods are designed to be person-friendly, contributing to the overall possession experience. The availability of true spare components and a nicely hooked-up provider community in Pakistan similarly enhance the reliability of the Proton Saga.

Fuel Efficiency:

One of the standout functions of the Proton Saga 1.3L is its brilliant gas performance. The engine is tuned to provide stability between electricity and inexpensive gas consumption, making it a super preference for those seeking to minimize fuel prices without compromising on overall performance.

  • In the city, the Proton Saga gives you an 11–12 KM/L fuel average.
  • On the highway, the Proton Saga gave you a 15–16 KM/L fuel average.

Safety Features

The Proton Saga in Pakistan prioritizes protection, with several functions designed to protect both the driving force and passengers. This function is particularly useful in unfavorable street conditions, contributing to an ordinary automobile’s balance. EBD optimally distributes braking pressure to most of the wheels primarily based on the load they convey. This ensures green braking overall performance and balance, especially while the automobile is carrying varying passenger or shipment masses. This function enables the occupants to remain firmly in their seats, reducing the hazard of harm with the aid of minimizing forward movement. Parking safety is addressed with the inclusion of reverse parking sensors in the Proton Saga.

  • All 3 variants of the Proton Saga contain 2-airbags.

Conclusion About Proton Saga 2024 Price in Pakistan

The Proton Saga has made a mark in Pakistan’s automotive landscape, presenting a compelling bundle for price-range-aware customers without compromising on style, functions, or performance. As the marketplace continues to conform, the Saga stands as a testament to the changing dynamics and expanded competitiveness of the automobile enterprise. Whether you’re a primary-time car client or looking for an upgrade, the Proton Saga is genuinely worth considering for its mixture of affordability, aesthetics, and modern-day generation.

FAQs About Proton Saga 2024 Price in Pakistan

What makes the Proton Saga different from other sedans?

The Proton Saga stands out due to its combination of affordability, elegant layout, and present-day functions. It caters to a diverse audience, consisting of first-time automobile buyers and people seeking to improve on smaller hatchbacks.

How does the Proton Saga examine different sedans in terms of their price?

In its charge range, the Proton Saga competes favorably with different sedans with the aid of a compelling mix of functions, gasoline efficiency, and a current layout. Potential customers often discover it to be a fee-for-cash proposition.

Is the Proton Saga appropriate for lengthy drives and dual-carriageway tours?

Yes, the Proton Saga is well-suited for each town’s commuting and highway travel. Its efficient engine, snug indoors, and stability make it a dependable desire for people who frequently embark on lengthy journeys.

How is the after-sales provider and maintenance for the Proton Saga in Pakistan?

Proton has set up a robust after-income service community in Pakistan, imparting customers with clean access to renovations and repairs. Regular provider intervals and simply having spare components contribute to a hassle-free ownership experience.

Is the Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan worth buying in a sedan?

Yes, the Proton Saga 2024 price in Pakistan is the best budget car if you are looking for a new car, ranging from 3.5 million to 4 million.

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