How to drive automatic car for beginners in 2024

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How to Drive a Manual Car For Beginners 2024 , How to drive automatic car for beginners in 2024

Here is How to drive automatic car

Driving an automatic car is comfortable and, for many, a more convenient choice as compared to a guide transmission. In this blog, we’ll explore the basics of running an automated vehicle and answer some frequently asked questions. Learn “How to Drive an Automatic Car” with ease. Our guide covers all you need to know about operating an automatic vehicle, from starting the engine to parking. Also, if you want to learn how to drive a manual car, you can read our last blog.

Getting to Know Your Automatic Car

Before you begin using it, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the exclusive components:

  1. Gear Selector: The lever that lets you pick gears. Typically marked with P (park), R (reverse), N (neutral), D (force), and every so often S (sport) or L (low).
  2. Accelerator and Brake Pedals: In automatic vehicles, there are usually two pedals. The right one is known as the accelerator, and the left one is called the brake pedal.
  3. Handbrake and parking brake: In automatic cars, the brake is usually in the form of a button called an electronic brake, while in some cases, it is like an old handbrake. While the parking brake is on the gear handle.
  4. Instrument Panel: Shows velocity, gasoline level, engine revs, and other important facts.

Starting the Car

  1. Sit inside the driver’s seat and regulate your seat, mirrors, and steering wheel for your comfort.
  2. Ensure the equipment selector is in P (Park).
  3. Press down on the brake pedal.
  4. Insert the important thing into the ignition or press the begin button in case your automobile has one.

Shifting Gears

  1. To reverse, ensure the car is at a complete stop, press the brake pedal, and shift to R.
  2. To force forward, shift to D while maintaining the brake pedal.
  3. Use L or S mode for additional electricity or torque while needed.
How to Drive a Manual Car For Beginners 2024 , How to drive automatic car for beginners in 2024

On the Road

  1. Accelerate gently by using the accelerator pedal.
  2. To slow down, steadily launch the accelerator and press the brake pedal.
  3. Always come to an entire forest earlier than shifting from D to R, or vice versa.


  • When parking, come to a whole stop, shift into P, and have interaction with the handbrake.
  • Turn off the engine and dispose of the keys, or press the prevent button.
Honda City vs Changan Alsvin 2024 comparison , How to drive automatic car for beginners in 2024


Remember, the important thing to riding an automatic car easily is mild and gradual movements. Whether you’re accelerating, braking, or converting gears, take a while and avoid surprising actions. With exercise, driving an automatic vehicle can become second nature. For an extra-specific manual consisting of hints on renovation and superior driving strategies, a full-period article might be required. If you’re inquisitive about gaining knowledge of more, recall enrolling in a riding path that provides complete schooling on computerized motors.

FAQs About How to Drive Automatic Car

Do I need to use the brake pedal while starting the car?

Yes, it’s a safety function in computerized vehicles to prevent them from transferring unexpectedly.

What’s the cause of the ‘S’ or ‘L’ tools?

‘S’ stands for sport mode, which modifies the car’s shift styles for greater strength. ‘L’ stands for low gear, which affords extra torque at lower speeds.

Can I transfer immediately from D to R while shifting?

No, you should always come to a complete stop before switching among these gears to save you harm to the transmission.

How do I use cruise control?

Once at a steady speed, spark off cruise control using the car’s controls, typically discovered on the steering wheel or dashboard.

Is it feasible to stall an automated car?

Unlike manual motors, automatic motors are most unlikely to stall in ordinary driving situations.

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